2400HP vs 2500HP Truck Burnout! What Will Green Peace Say About This?

A few days ago we showed you a compilation of the best moments from the Semi Truck Burnouts in France and today we are once again going back in Canadian style, watching these two extra mighty trucks making some burnout smoke scenes as they prepare themselves for the drag race. We are used to cars doing incredible burnouts, but this doesn`t mean that a truck burnout can`t be as equally impressive! Such is the case with this video, where two brothers burn their tires so much that you can`t even see their trucks!Inside these two monsters are brothers Gagnon, Nicholas and Sebastien, first one in the blue and second one in the black cabin truck, both of them with an extremely powerful engines that generates 2 400 HP and 2 500 HP. With that much power at their disposal, it is no surprise their burnouts were ridiculously good!

Unfortunately we can not see the race itself, instead, we have the thrill of preparation and the pleasure of watching them burning down the rubber from the asphalt, combined with the black smoke from the diesel exhausts, it is clear that we have a pure pandemonium ahead. However, after the truck burnout show was done, we were wondering about one thing. Did the trucks have any rubber left on their tires for the actual race? We might never know! Nonetheless, the burnout was really good and we are lucky we get to share it with you guys! Also, can you imagine the smell? We are absolutely certain that every person in a 5 mile radius knew there was a truck burnout somewhere! To gearheads, that is a very pleasant smell, but to other people, not so much. Nonetheless, we are just happy to see the whole showdown, even on video! We do not know about you, but watching these extra mighty monsters, gives us a real kick off! Take a look.

Finally, follow this link to watch a guy that likes breathing TRUCK SMOKE more than clean air!