The Sound Of The 2020 El Camino SS Is Super Impressive!

There are couple of types of cars that manufacturing companies make these days. You could either go for a nice and subtle daily drive car, or you could purchase a true beast. There are dozens and dozens of super cars in production these days and they are not even that expensive. Even the daily drives are getting better and better. They are more fuel efficient and begin to look like something special. Well, what if you could combine all of this in one single car? Yes, this is possible and the new 2020 El Camino SS is here to prove us. The previous generation, or more precisely the current one, is something absolutely stunning. If we ought to judge by the pictures we see, the 2020 model is just going to be better. Just listen to that furious sound!

2020 el camino ss sound 1

Yes, the sound of the 2020 El Camino SS reminds us of the crazy super cars, while still being a normal car. Chevy decided to put a lot of effort into designing this specific model and they surely did a great job. The blue looks perfect on it, as well as the red version. It is going to be a matter of taste. But it does not really matter which car you like. You would still get a crazy machine that sounds, runs and performs absolutely stunning. It is exactly that attention to small details that makes the 2020 El Camino SS so desirable. Some speculate that there will be a massive 6.2L V8 engine, able to make massive 455 HP. Just imagine having such a car making such a loud noise. Everyone will turn their heads while you drive around the block. The El Camino is really awesome!

Before you go, make sure to check out the first generation El Camino SS!