2015 Ford Mustang Finally Comes Into Focus!

New Ford Mustang

The newest photos of the new Ford Mustang unveils what this brand has in store for its new-gen model. The 6th generation of Ford Mustang for now known as S550 and according to photos it has what it takes to be one of the 2014’s hottest cars.

According to images this model is streamlined, aggressive and with styling cues taken from its concept. Ford has used a knife to the current retro styling model and designed a sports car that will appeal to the masses across the world. The brand new lightweight platform and the independent rear suspension guarantees improved handling and performance. Under the hood there is 5.0L V8 as well as the base V6 engine with 2.3L turbo to satisfies the buyers in countries where fuel is more expensive. The photos are based on the shots circulating of a Mustang prototype. These photos are giving us the clearest look what Ford has in store for its latest muscle car.

New Ford Mustang 3 New Ford Mustang 2 New Ford Mustang 4 New Ford Mustang 5 New Ford Mustang 6  New Ford Mustang 7 New Ford Mustang 8

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