1988 Pikes Peak Climb Dance! Winner Of Many Movie Awards!

Check out this amazing 1988 Pikes Peak Climb Dance By Ari Vatanen!

This video you are about to watch is actually a short film from 1988 called Climb Dance. This film is directed by Jean Louis Mourey and presents Ari Vatanen`s run that set a new world record in `88. This record was set at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Event, in Colorado with a Peugeot 405 T16. Yeah, Peugeot was a recorder back in the day. Anyway, this film is beautifully shot from many various cameras, like an inside camera, front bumper camera, helicopter camera etc. Hence we have a complete perspective of the record breaking run and also how DANGEROUS this track actually is; hill on one side and a precipice on the other!

The best part is when blinding sunlight isn’t slowing Ari Vatanen down: he just blocks it with his hand!

Finally, read more about the Peugeot 405!

Enjoy the video below!

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