Fantastic 1971 Chevy Impala by The “Grim Reaper” Donk!

Now come here if you do not fear the Grim Reaper! You are about to see the one and only 1971 Chevy Impala in action! Get ready to see the BEAST in action as it impresses you with the burnouts, donuts and everything else! Of course, all this is possible because of the great specification this ride has such as 750 HP and a big-block 565ci engine!!! When you add the 350 PRD NITROUS SYSTEM you will get the idea about how AWESOME this car actually is! As for the outside, we can point out the beautiful Graveyard Classic Color Black and the amazing 24″ rims! Enjoy!

Technical Specifications:

Year, Make & Model: 1971 Chevrolet Impala
Powertrain: 750 horsepower , big block -- 565ci , 350 PRD shot nitrous system
Outside: Graveyard Classics Kolor Black and Grille by Tiarra
Inside: seats from BMW 745 suede and ostrich wraped seats
Wheels & Tires: Enormous 24″  wheels By Forgiato Ovale

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1971 Chevy Impala 2