1970 Dodge Superbee Found In The Piles Of Junk – Project ‘Bee Completed!

This 1970 Dodge Superbee was bought completely disassembled when it was found in a storage in Pennsylvania. The event took place in May, 2004, but 3 years passed ever since the whole project was started. Then the AlterKtion suspension was featured at the front. This particular beauty was rumbling the roads for almost 2 years and as you can notice the front was completely modernized. When the suspension was featured, the car really started behaving well on the road.


Since, we hadn`t got as much time as we wanted so we decided to seek for assistance. So, we called Micigan`s Unlawful racing. We made a deal to meet at Jack& Russ during Mopar Nationals in 2008, so they can take the car, and returned it to the shop.

Check out the photos of this beauty!


Firstly, a brand new rear suspension from Unlawful was installed to the 1970 Dodge Superbee. A Dana 60 DTS with 4.10 gears that went along perfectly with the Wedge and Tremec, was also installed. The rear end of the vehicle required some extra handling, as the Dutchman panel, the trunk floor and rear crossmember were in need of replacement. The story was completed with the addition of frame connectors and a roll bar from Unlawful racing. When the work on the metal was completed, a layer of B5 Blue PPG was added. Some problems arose when it came to installing the stripe, but as it happened its installation was the right thing to do.

Ultimately, the Tremec transmission and  the five hundred inch Wedg were also featured. The ISIS wiring was then used to connect everything.

Engine: The machine is a five hundred inch Wedge, with JE pistons and connecting rods as well as Eagle crankshaft. There is a Dominator 1050 with a intake from Super Victor. Milodon hadled the oiling chores. The mixture turned out quite well for around eight hundred horses with no nitrous, and it has 10.5:1 compression ratio, riding on pump gas. There is a custom made three inch exhaust system with a Dough`s headers set. More about the 1970 Dodge Superbee:

Transmission- Five speed Tremec with manual gear.

Suspension: AlterKtion front suspension with an Unlawful four link  at the rear end. It offers an incredible ride.

Body /Paint- Once the work on the body was finished a PPG B5 blue shade was sprayed upon. It was done by the Micigan`s team of Unlawful Racing.

Interior- There are Autometer gauges all over the stock faceplate made of aluminum.

Tires /Wheels- Quasars Bonspeed is the brand of the wheels, size 18×7 up front and 19×10 at the rear end.

The tires are 275/40/19s and  245/45/18 S-04s by Bridgestone.

Suspension: It’s an AlterKtion front suspension with an Unlawful four-link in the rear. It’s amazing how nice the ride is, even with unbushed rod ends in the four-link.

Paint/Body: The body work was done, and the B5 blue PPG paint was applied by Unlawful Racing in Ortonville, Michigan.

Interior: While it looks mostly stock, a custom aluminum faceplate was made and filled with Autometer gauges.

Wheels/Tires: The wheels are Bonspeed Quasars, size 18×7 up front and 19×10 at the rear end.. The tires are Bridgestone S-04s; 245/45/18 and 275/40/19s.

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