1969 Pontiac GTO Judge!

At the beginning of the 1960s Pontiac was king of muscle cars with its 1964 Pontiac GTO which was predecessor of all other muscle cars. But, this domination of Ponitac lasted until 1968 when the competition became fiercer. Therefore Pontiac decided to build a modified version of the GTO that will be featuring a 350 cubic inch engine that was given the name ET.

Mr. John DeLorean was not satisfied with this idea since he thought that there was no chance for any FTO to feature so small engine. Therefore, the team built a GTO that was more advanced than the previous one and was given the name Judge that was part of a famous TV show called Rowan and Martin`s Laugh-in. This vehicle had a standard Ram Air III engine able to produce 360hp. Customers could also choose for the car to feature another engine able to produce 370 hp. However, the rarest of all GTO Judges was the GTO Ram Air IV convertible that was built in only 5 units in 1969.

Did you know? The commercial about the Judge was sang by the band Paul Revere and the Raiders. Rumor has it that Mark Lindsay, the leader of the band loved the Judge and wrote a song in its honor.

 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge