Chevrolet Camaro 1969 Rated 5 Stars… Owned By Carl Schiltz!

Carl Schiltz was the owner of this Chevrolet Camaro 1969. The car was a classic, old restoration with standard drivetrain. The drivetrain needed a new suspension and power. So Carl decided to talk to Jim Daley and Norm Brandes from Westech Automotiveat. A Camaro ready to receive all sorts of modifications appeared at their doorsteps shortly after.


The intent was to integrate a 200 automatic trans 4R in order to swap the obvious original TH350 fitted inside the hood. The car was integrated a 5 speed Tremec TKO.  The heavy torque and horse boost is controlled by the driveshaft and the clutch of heavy duty.

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In order to get the required chassis power as well as the true handling, the team of MC and HHR were hired. Theur task was to implement all these fundamental fittings.

A 4 link suspension was installed at the rear end in order to suit the tires and wheels of increased width. Up front, they used a subframe from Pro-G, that integrated a great steering response as well as a pinion and rack steering intended for crisp cornering.

Sometime near the finishing part, Jim and Norm did a special touch up to some of the parts in need of it. However, the Chevrolet Camaro 1969  Red look was mainly kept. The factory preserved engine emblems 350 cid were kept as they fitted the graphics of the SS style. What they got at the end was one of the most awesome and best accommodated Camaros in the world!

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