1967 Mustang Radio Controlled Car – I Want One! How About You?

The guys at Vaterra RC made our day! Check this 1967 Mustang radio controlled car on the video below! This thing is like specially made for our fans!

Remote Controlled Cars can be really amazing! When you have that perfect one, you do not associate it with kids, it is more like made for adults that know how to take good care of it! Especially if it is a Muscle Car Classic like this one -- 1967 Ford Mustang V100-S!!! If you were not able to possess a real one, than this is your chance to own it in another way! However, the guys from Vaterra RC designed it so GREAT that the motions are so realistic, so it cannot be confused with a kid`s toy, but a real MANLY RC Vehicle!!!

Enjoy the video below!

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