Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor 1967: Love at First Sight!

When we first heard the noise of thunder under the wheels of this Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor 1967, we knew it was love at first sight. So, we decided to share our revelation, i.e the work of Normcar with all of you guys.

When this Mustang came in front of Normcar`s doors, it was in piteous state , but it soon became the ground for the design of a copy of the infamous Eleanor from the film Gone in 60 seconds. The whole Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor 1967 was subjected to a complete restoration, so there is no traits of rust or corrosion anywhere to find. The engine is 351W Windsor 5.8 L Small Block Ford, laid in a completely adjusted motor compartment. The safety brake is boost with ABS. The whole body is totally matched with the one from the film.

When it comes to the performance, the motor produces 400hp, generates 600Nm of torque and its mated to a manual gearbox 5-speed T-5. In addition, there are Keith Black piston mods installed, which boost higher compression, a lower intake together with the Patriot Performance aluminum heads and the Eagle forged rods. The carburetor is a DoublePumper 650CFM QuickFuel and the upper intake manifold is completely Normcar.

The suspension is the one of Nissan 350Z-front strut Normcar and QA1 springs and shocks. The suspension has been subjected to the greatest modifications in order to enhance braking and handling. The rims are Hildebrand alloy wheels 8×17 with 275/40/17 rear tires R1r  and front tires 235/45/17 R1r. The lower strut Normcar amd the hydraulic handbrake K-sport shall give you an amazing ride.

Finally, check out this Eleanor replica!