1967 Ford Mustang Build by West Coast Customs & Microsoft!

The guys from West Coast Customs has made remake of an automotive icon. They started with bib quantities of neon light and oversized dubs and continued with suite of gaming and mobile services into one of greatest pony cars, 1967 Ford Mustang. However, the body of this Ford Mustang build is a replica produced by Dynacorn and underneath there is chassis from 2012 Mustang.

The West Coast Customs crew together with their compatriot from Microsoft went wild in the interior of the car with all the specific features: Lumia 800 with Windows 7, Smart Start App of Viper to maintain the car ( lock, unlock, start, locate..), digital instrument cluster with 8 different modes, GPS diplay with Bing Map integration with traffic info system and voice control, connection with XBox 360, Kinetic integration with surroundings alert system, 4G hotspot, customizeble screen into the rear windshield e.t.c.

Interior remake starts with a Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7 and Viper`s SmartStart app, which allows the user to locate, lock, unlock and start the car remotely. Once inside, a fully digital instrument cluster provides a choice of eight different “skins”, including replicas of the 1967 and 2012 Mustang`s IP, along with a Metro-style design. Above that is a heads-up display that provides everything from telemetry to navigation data, complete with Bing Maps integration, turn-by-turn directions and point-of-interest icons showing nearby restaurants, gas stations and shopping centers.

Watch the video for the 1967 Ford Mustang Build by the software giant Microsoft:

At last, check out the new Ford Mustang debut vehicle!