65 Mustang Car “Fever Pitch”: 20th Wedding Anniversary Unique Present!

The 65 Mustang Car was pronounced as a most beautiful at that time! Lou Anne and Sean from Sacket`s Harbor, New York spent great time having fun at 65 Mustang Car shows, which resulted in them striving for a muscle car themselves. For the occasion of their twenty years of marriage, they got a unique present. The project started as a simple restoration work and grew into a representation of a union between two souls. Ripp has chosen the 65 Mustang Car to be the way they celebrated their twenty years of love.


As Sean says, the both of them were searching for a drop top dating back from 1965, but they had no luck in finding something they could afford. Then, a friend of theirs called them to tell that he got on a sale the type of a  65 Mustang Car they were searching for. It had a V-8 289 engine and a 3speed trans and it was painted Poppy Red. So, they went to take a look at the fast back. They recall it was a good ride, but the color was awful. They bought it in 2001 and was in 3 years use, till the filter for gas leaked and caused a fire at the engine bay.

Sean recalls that he promised to rebuilt the 65 Mustang Car motor till the next spring the latest, but it took him seven years to finally finish the whole thing. The work postponed because while cleaning the engine compartment, they discovered that the apron at the front was rotten and the battery was pretty damaged due to acid leakage. Reparation was a must and the insides were in quite a bad shape as well. Sean`s first thought was to restore the `Stang but later on a reader`s question they found in a magazine opened them another, different perspective.

The editor to this respond that they should repair it and then ride it. Lou opted for the Redfire Metallic. She got this idea from another Stang owner. Mineral Gray  were painted the stripes on the hood.

Sean and Lou were more of a custom type of people, so when they redid the interior they used gray for the upholstery, since it accentuated the other details. Better steering, bigger brakes as well as bunch of other changes took place in order to make the car safer.

The body and the paint work was done by Randy Bailey from NY. Sean was helping Randy all the way through, doing overnights and weekends which gave him a new perspective on how a restoration really looked like. Few years passed, but they finally restored the rotisserie with a clearcoat  and a  basecoat buffed body and with a basecoat/clearcoat under carriage, and department of the engine being featured a new trans.