1953 Cadillac Eldorado -Real Sensation! Review & VIDEO!

The 1953 Cadillac Eldorado model is a model dedicated to the affluent social classes that has rather long life within Cadillac models due to the fact that it started to be sold after 1998. Otherwise 1953 Cadillac Eldorado was part of Cadillac model spectrum from 1953 until 2002.

The Lincoln Mark Series and the relatively cheap Buick Riviera were Eldorado`s principal rivals. For those who learnt or who know a bit Spanish it will become immediately clear that the name has Spanish origin. “El” means “the” and “dorado” means “golden man”, so Eldorado would be translated as “the golden man”. Mrs. Mary-Ann Marini was the one who came up with the name in order to honor the golden anniversary of the company in 1952. As time passed “El dorado” became “Eldorado” whole the car was announced to be limited-edition convertible produced by Cadillac in the year of 1953.

Besides the fact that this Cadillac Eldorado was a limited-edition product, it was also a real sensation when it came to external design. When you see it, you notice that the Orlon top is hidden behind the windshield and that there are new spectacular chrome wheels. Furthermore, the doors have also very outstanding design with their descending curve. When talking about its interior, it is also rather luxurious and the seats and everything else was wrapped in leather. Eldorado Cadillac was fully equipped meaning it had radio, Hydramatic automatic transmission, whitewall tires on wire wheels, power steering, leather covering, heater, windshield washer. Additionally, it was the first vehicle with wraparound windshield. The second model of Eldorado had sheet metals at the end of the rear windows. This was something that Mr. Harley Earl, styling chief at General Motors passionately adored. And since General Motors of which Eldorado was part was a leading company in the industry it was also a trendsetter in terms of style and consequently all other auto brands copied it.


When talking about power the Eldorado Cadillac had a 331 cubic-inch OHV V8 engine that actually was inserted in all 1953 Cadillac Eldorado models in 1953 with ability to develop power of 210 hp. However, the total basic price of the Eldorado was 7,750 dollars. It was more expensive than the next most expensive Cadillac, the Fleetwood 75 imperial, with price difference of 2,000 dollars. When having in mind that the Corvette amounted “humble” 3,498 dollars, you can imagine why only 532 Eldorado models were sold in 1953.

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