OMG! 1934 Ford RC Rat Rod with V8 Engine by Tom Nesper! Freakin’ AWESOME SOUND!

Most of us here can agree that RC vehicles are great! After seeing this little guy, we just knew we have to share it with all of you here! Check out this 1934 Ford V8 Engine RC by Tom Nesper! You will not believe how cool this thing is! This quarter scale RC rat rod won our hearts! It is no surprise though, as Tom Nesper has worked on this project for years! This little car sure does have a lot to offer! It has a V8 motor which runs on nitro methane fuel! Furthermore, it can be started and shut down via remote control, and also has headlights and taillights too! Even the blinkers can be remotely controlled! If you are still not convinced that this little RC rat rod is incredible, the list does not end here! It is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and quick change rear end! To put it simply, this is one ASTONISHING creation by the hands of Tom Nesper. His craftsmanship is beyond incredible!

Tom Nesper has made so much effort to create this little beast and it really has some Freakin` AWESOME SOUND! We can not wait to see his new RC car project. Great work Tom! Keep the good work. Also, it would be nice to see this RC Car on the road! Nonetheless, we are absolutely certain that this RC rat rod will turn heads wherever it may go! The attention to detail is great and the sound of the small V8 engine is just incredible! Just seeing it makes us want to get one for ourselves! We have no information whether Tom Nesper sells his creations, but if he does, we would probably be among the first ones in line! Check out his incredible RC rat rod in the video below and enjoy!

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Enjoy the video below!

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