American Graffiti Ford Coupe 1932 Sets New Standards!

The director George Lucas shot the movie American Graffiti few years before the Star Wars. The film was a reflection of his memories of the Californian car culture in the ’60s. The cast included the future mega-stars:  Harrison Ford, Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfus, the movie had also some amazing hot rods. However, the only one has become “the most recognized Deuce Coupe in the world”.  American Graffiti Ford Coupe 1932 highboy painted in Canary yellow color is powered by a V8 Chevy 327 engine and a seriously cool rake from behind. The best one was the legendary drag race scene on Paradise Road that pits Paul Le Mat (John Milner) in the 1932 Ford vs  equally looking 1955 Chevy that was driven by Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford). The 1932 Ford smokes the 1955 Chevy off the line, so the Chevy at the end flies off the road, blows and flips. It’s an amazing drag race scene with special effects.

Finally, check out this bad boy at the Festival de Cames! 

1932 Ford Coupe American Graffiti 3