1500hp UGR Lamborghini Gallardo TT vs 1700hp LMR Corvette!

Wake up! It`s derby day! +1500hp UGR Lamborghini Gallardo TT vs 1700hp LMR Corvette (Tejano Blue)! Out of all the amazing races we have seen, this one is the most exciting so far! We are talking about hag performance cars that cannot allow themselves to lose a race! We have to MONSTERS here, a 1500 horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo TT and a 1700 horsepower LMR Corvette!

When we say it is the clash of the titans, it really is! So, what do you think, can those extra 200 horsepower beat the TWIN TURBO Lamborghini Gallardo or will it go home defeated? Find out at musclecarszone.com!

At last this is one of the best websites ever made for underground racing! Check it out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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