1400HP 6-Second Nissan Silvia SR20 – 10.5 Outlaw Class!

Check out this 1400HP 6-Second Nissan Silvia SR20 -- 10.5 Outlaw Class! This beast has made 6.84 at 203 mph pass at Sydney Dragway in the 10.5 Outlaw class. This ride is powered by a 1400HP 2.2L SR20 4-Cylinder Turbocharged Engine.

Are you in for some smoke, speed, adrenaline and awesome sounds? Clearly yes! If not, you wouldn`t have been here in the first place! When this car is standing at the starting line, revving its engine it looks like a roaring beast trying to unleash itself from the chains that hold it! That`s how furious and powerful this vehicle looks at the same time. And of course, this image has to give some results. It does, not regular but impressive results! See the joy of the team standing behind Michael Baghdadi when he crosses the finish line below the point of seven seconds!

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Enjoy the video below!

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