RC Dragster Pro Stock Custom NITROUS With 90cc Engine! It’s Much More Than A Toy!

RC dragster cars are much more than just toys and we have proven that so many times!

14 RC dragster Pro Stock RC Custom Nitrous 90 cc engine toy 2

Regardless what your wife thinks, there is nothing childish in RC Dragster that burns the 1/4 mile! The video here shows us how cool an RC car can get! How powerful it can be and how much applause it can get! We were truly fascinated by the RC dragster from the video that started off by burning those tires and produced smoke like a real one! Finally the launch came and the tiny dragster went gone with the wind! It passed the 1/4 scale in no time! Next of, we had the chance to see the RC dragster without chassis and the time it performed like that was even better!

Watch this amazing video with this 1/4 RC Pro Stock RC Custom NITROUS with 90cc Engine! It is Much More Than A Toy!

Wiseman once said: don`t let the child inside of you grow up. Apparently, the guys in the video below took full advantage of those words of wisdom! They are still racing with RC cars! However, those remote control vehicles are taken to a whole new level! This particular RC dragster is definitely the king of drag racing! Just look at the smoke it creates when it burns the tires! You are going to see this car running down the track twice. The first one was impressive, but the second one, after some adjustments was even better! However, this footage shows us great RC cars which definitely deserve your attention! This might be your only chance to see the best RC dragster perform! Check out the video and enjoy your 3 minutes with these little beasts!

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