1300HP Car Wheelie Nitrous Blazer! Amazing Video! Must See!

Check out this insane 1300HP car Wheelie Nitrous Blazer owned by Daniel Burk with a Wheelie at the 2013 October Truck Madness in Houston! This incredible ride is running low 8’s and it is launching harder than any other car at the track during the event! But, first things first, let’s find out some specs about this car. So, it is a ’88 Blazer, with a 420 cubic inch SBC engine. It has 1300 horsepower, 900 of them come from the motor, and the other 400 by spraying. You can see this vehicle performing 4 times, i.e. it participates in 4 races. The first two races are the Blazer vs 1300 HP Silverado. In this part of the video we have a short view from the inside camera. We love those footages, do you? The next race is between the Blazer vs 1600 HP Ranger and the one that follows Blazer vs 1700 HP white Silverado.

What do you think, what is the outcome?!

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Enjoy the video below!

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