1200 HP GTR Nissan Skyline R32 X CAR! Must See This Vehicle!

Check this 1200 hp GTR R32 that has an AMAZING RB26 engine which helps providing 1000 horsepower by itselfwith +1000HP! On the video below you can see what parts they use and how endless they can be in Japan. Actually, this MARVELOUS Nissan Skyline GTR R32 made by Endless! The guys really did hell of a job as they have created the PERFECT VEHICLE! If you add NOS to it, you will get the AMAZING number of 1200 horsepower! The engine is really POWERFUL as it has a capacity of 2.7 L, thus, the 1/4 mile DRAG RECORD for this one is 9 seconds flat! Pretty amazing, huh? See what else did ENDLESS used in order to put this NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R32 together!

Finally, check out this amazing GTR!

Enjoy the video below!

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