1100hp Ford GT vs 1100hp Viper on Private Track!

Behold this epic battle of the American titans! Watch the 1100hp Ford GT vs the 1100hp Viper on a private track! This race wouldn`t have been possible without the help of Victory Healthcare, Dynosaur Performance and Lethal Performance. The fact that both cars are color matching makes the race even more interesting! They really look alike at first glance. We personally like the part where both cars are burning the tires one by one. They wouldn`t like if we`d miss something, therefore they have thought of everything. Oh, and that turbo sound after the burnout, makes the moment magical. It is all set and off they go! One car is faster than the other but doesn`t win. Can you guess which one?

Choose your favorite poison: Ford GT or Viper?!

Anyway, how about this 1100 hp Corvette?!