1,000HP+ 1969 Twin Turbo Sidepiped Corvette! (LOUD) 2 VIDEOS!

Do you like crazy and heavy power? And what about a roaring, earth trembling “creature” that makes earthquakes wherever it goes? If the answer is a huge YES, then you must check out this 1,000HP+ 1969 Twin Turbo Sidepiped Corvette!

This beast of machine, also called “Bomber `Vette”, has a twin turbo exhaustive system that will make you go out of your mind. It just makes the ground shake with 1000 horsepower. The black paint, shiny rims and side pipes makes it look as if do it is ready for the stratosphere. Now we recommend to set your speakers up to maximum, lock to your chair and let yourself experience the shake.

At last, check the other VIDEO: Twin Turbo VETTE With 565cid Dart Motor HERE or on PAGE 2!

Enjoy the video below!

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