7 Polar Bears Just DIED! 10 Second Diesel Drag Race!

Drag racing and diesel are not normally two words that are usually found in the same sentence, but there`s a lot to be said for the roaring of a powerful diesel engine and the sheer amount of torque that it can put out over short distances.

Gushing black smoke from a bed-mounted smokestack (which may have been more for show than anything), King Kong is a massively modded engine wrapped up in custom slicks and the body of a 2010 Ford F-250 with a 6.4L Powerstroke diesel engine. Owned by Maryland Performance Diesel, this beast of a truck is a custom built powerhouse. Many of the internal components are actually built or fabricated by MPD themselves!

7 Polar Bears Just DIED! 10 Second Diesel Drag Race!

After just a few seconds of revving that powerful diesel engine, King Kong tears down the track with a speed that really belies its size and weight. It`s like watching a sumo wrestler sprint a 100 yard dash and break the world speed record – powerful, fast, unbeatable, and really an amazing feat.

The title of this video gets a lot of attention for the polar bear comment, but don`t even get us started on electric cars and their batteries! Have you ever seen what happens to a battery after you leave it for a while? Single-use batteries or even the big rechargeable batteries that the electric cars require are not easy to recycle, so let`s not complain about the black smoke at the moment.

7 Polar Bears Just DIED! 10 Second Diesel Drag Race!

Overall, ignore the people who think drag racing is killing polar bears, because there is literally nothing like watching a big truck haul itself down the track like it weighs nothing at all. If you can`t see it in person, YouTube is full of fantastic videos like this one by user uRaceiFilm, and less professional filmmakers who simply enjoy sharing their own personal experience at these races.

Scott Huntinton is a writer for Off The Throttle in Harrisburg, PA. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington



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