Strongest Man In The World, Zydrunas Savickas vs 700HP Lexus SC Drift Car! Who Will Win?

Do you even lift, bros? Probably? What is your bench record? Do not even bother to answer for we have Lithuanian guy in the video below that appears to be stronger than a SC Lexus and its 700 horsepower! Yeah, well, do not get surprised as we are talking about the strongest man in the World here!

Anyway, just so we get clear, what you are about to see will make your jaw drop so hard that it will probably break the floor! We literally have a man that is tougher than a 700 HP Lexus SC engine! The whole event takes place in a full arena where people eagerly wait for this clash between the strongest man and the Lexus SC with a roaring 700 horsepower motor under the hood!

We are not surprised when it comes to Savickas! If you have seen his performances you know that this guy can pull an 80.000 pounds truck! This guy can do miracles, literally!

This fantastic LEXUS is wholly modified as it has a POWERFULL engine! However, Zydrunas Savickas was able to hold the car in a dead spot as a rope was attached to the rear bumper!!! All the torque did not help, only produced BURNOUTS and nothing more!!! Horsepower is no longer important, you will go around town from tomorrow asking people about their ride`s SAVICKAS POWER!!! Other people tried to do the same after him, but of course, they failed. They are not the strongest man in the world!

Check out this great battle between the Strongest Lithuanian Man vs 700HP Drift Car! Guess Who Will Win? Japanese or Lithuanian Power? Decide after this amazing video!
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