Why Are Truck Accidents Worse Than Car Accidents?

Compared to car accidents, truck accidents cause not only more property damage but also devastating personal injuries. The sheer size and weight can create a greater impact, resulting in a higher instance of fatalities. Additionally, truck drivers are required by law to follow specific rules to avoid causing an accident, which means they have even more responsibility to prevent harming others. Compared to a car accident, a truck accident can result in larger damages for the following reason:

They Are Heavier

Trucks can weigh anywhere between 6,000 to 70,000 or more pounds. This means that their impact carries a far higher force, which can send your car flying. The weight of a truck also means that the injuries sustained can be far more extreme. Wounds that involve broken bones, burns, and traumatic head injuries are more common in a truck accident.

Their Large Size Can Create Multi-Car Accidents

In many cases, truck accidents are often the result of multi-car accidents that can shut down an entire highway for hours. For example, a jackknife accident occurs when a large semi-truck forces the front towing vehicle to one side, often causing the truck to turn sideways and create an impassable wall for nearby vehicles. The large size of trucks can hit many cars on both sides of the road or highway because of their length.

High-Speed Trucks Take Longer To Slow Down

If a truck is going extremely fast, it is unlikely that it will be able to stop in time for an unexpected obstacle. The heavier and faster a vehicle is, the longer it will take to slow down because the mass and velocity of a truck carry a higher force. Unlike smaller vehicles, trucks take 535 feet to slow down before reaching a complete stop. A normal-sized car only requires 316 feet in comparison.

What Damages Can I Expect After A Truck Accident?

In addition to property damage, you may have to claim many damages relating to your physical and emotional wellbeing. You will want to include your medical bills, such as imaging scans, surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, prescription medicine, and any other required treatments. If you need ongoing medical treatment, this can also be added to your compensation. This also applies to wage loss because you may have lost income in the past but expect to continue to miss work for weeks or months in the future.

Future lost wages can be calculated with the help of a truck accident attorney and included in your total settlement. Your pain and suffering are just as important and refer to any emotional discomfort that has severely impacted your quality of life. For example, depression, PTSD, grief, anxiety, and other negative emotions from your truck accident are considered non-economic damages. Your attorney will recruit the help of an insurance agency to help accurately calculate how much in pain and suffering damages you are owed.

What if I`ve Been In A Very Bad Truck Accident?

After you`ve been in a horrific truck accident, you should seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney so you can receive the representation you need to get fair compensation. They will reach out to all involved parties and negotiate on behalf of a settlement that reflects how much you should receive in truck accident damages.