Who Makes the Best Electric Car Charging Stations in Australia?


The EV sales in Australia have tripled from the previous year, according to a recent report by the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia. This increase is putting more demand on the existing 291 fast-charging and 1,580 standard charging stations in the country. Therefore, to say that EVs are fast taking over the transportation landscape of Australia will be an understatement.

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But here is the thing. The increased demand for EVs is directly impacting the need to increase the charging infrastructure within the country. Consequently, many investors and companies are beginning to delve into charging station manufacturing to close this gap. But who are the leading EV charger manufacturers in Australia? This post is a comprehensive guide detailing the movers and shakers in this industry. Let`s get started.

1.     EV-Top

With close to a decade in the industry as an international supplier of quality charging stations, EV-TOP is a leading force in reckoning. Their clientele includes both Chinese and foreign companies, including Australian establishments.

They are also heavily invested in research and development, one of their greatest advantages in producing some of the most innovative designs that meet international standards and requirements, including IEC, UL, and SAE.

Additionally, they have put together highly experienced and qualified individuals to form a formidable team of designers and engineers who manufacture bespoke charging stations that meet clients’ requirements.

Their product also includes fast chargers used in public facilities and wall-mounted charging stations for home charging. Most importantly, EV-TOP is known to have one of the most competitive prices for an EV charging station in the industry without compromising quality.

2.     Tritium

Based in the heart of Queensland, Australia, Tritium is a leading Australian EV charging station manufacturer dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of gasoline by providing more renewable energy sources for charging electric vehicles in Australia. Their innovation in the e-mobility space is huge. They’ve also achieved a lot through a serious commitment to researching and getting the best hands in the industry involved in their design and manufacturing.

Most importantly, Tritium is given to increasing the locations of charging stations across Australia and reducing the time required to charge EVs at public charging stations by concentrating on producing DC charging stations all over Australia and across the world.

3.     EVOS

The primary ambition of EVOS as a company is to reduce carbon emissions and make the environment cleaner. They are committed to achieving this feat by manufacturing more EV charging stations for existing EVs and making it easy for gasoline vehicle users to switch to electric vehicles.

Also, they are keen on reducing energy costs as gasoline vehicles are more expensive in the long term than EVs. Their innovative technologies and bespoke charging solutions assist them in quickly achieving their objectives. Furthermore, employing the industry’s best minds is part of their strategy, and they’ve been able to gather a team of talented and well-experienced professionals to improve and innovate their existing technologies to meet customers’ requirements and needs.

4.     JOLT

Functionality and sustainability have been the watchwords of JOLT ever since they broke into the EV charging manufacturing industry. They quickly realized the gap in meeting the needs of the emerging multitude of EV owners and the opportunity to place themselves as a solution provider to this challenge. Also, JOLT’s objective of building a vast network of fast charging stations has been fueled by its vision for a cleaner, friendlier, and healthier environment with a very little carbon footprint. What’s more? JOLT’s innovative stride ensures that better energy options that include alternative energy sources like wind and solar-powered charging stations reduce the pressure on Australia’s power grid and increase the number of vehicle owners switching from gasoline to electric vehicles.

5.     EVSE Australia

EVSE Australia is another forerunner in the EV charging station manufacturing industry in the Australian geolocation. Their portfolio includes the manufacturing of EV charging stations and the installation, repairs, and maintenance of these charging stations across Australia.

Their dependability is part of their selling point as they’ve been known to deliver charging stations at the agreed delivery date or earlier. Also, their commitment to quality has never been in doubt, seeing that it has been part of what the EVSE brand has been known to uphold over the years. Lastly, they are dedicated to seeing the majority, and even all gasoline vehicles, switch to EVs to reduce the effects of carbon emissions on our planet, starting from Australia.


In conclusion, Australia is a rapidly advancing country regarding the adoption and conversion from fossil-fueled cars to electric vehicles. The challenge of meeting up with the ever-increasing pressure of manufacturing more charging stations for the new EVs that continue to flood the road will continue for some time.

However, the efforts of companies and governmental bodies to manufacture more charging stations should reduce this pressure by understanding that the quality of the charging station you order depends on the manufacturer’s commitment to quality. The manufacturers highlighted in this post should help you decide on a suitable charging station for your EV when the time arises.