Where to Buy 18-wheeler Truck Parts Online

Like all vehicles 18-wheeler trucks involve many parts that will need replacing at some point. When we consider that the average semi-truck in the US does 45,000 miles a year you can see that there is going to be great demand for truck parts. Of course, some will do much more than that figure, and they need to be looked after continually. While these 18-wheeler monsters are built to stand the rigours of their job it`s simply a case of wear and tear.

Some parts – tires, break parts, the clutch and so on – have a limited lifespan to begin with, while others may be affected by changes in temperature and exposure to extreme cold. Whether you are a self-owner trucker or a fleet manager you will naturally be looking for a good deal on replacement truck parts, and that`s what we`re talking about here. Buying truck parts online is not new, but it is growing in popularity so let`s look at why.

Why Buy Truck Parts Online?

The online retail trend is branching out into many different markets, so why not buy 18-wheeler truck parts at shiftproducts.com or other such leading truck parts retailers? The thing about products such as this is that you know in advance what you need. You might be buying replacement break disks, for example, or hydraulic lines or other standard parts, and it`s the word `standard` that is important. All you need is the part catalogue number, and you can order it. There`s no requirement to see it before you buy as you know what is coming!

This is why, for fleet managers and truck maintenance service providers especially, an online retailer makes a great idea. No need to travel to a stockist, or make a phone call. Simply go to your chosen online supplier, type what you need in the search box, and place the order. Payment will be by simple and safe payment portals or on account, and your parts will be despatched quickly for fast delivery.

There may also be the advantage of cost savings as these suppliers do not have the overheads of a warehouse to store stock. They will also use a logistics provider to get the stock to you, saving even more money across the process. You might want to check them out now and see what savings you should be making on your regular replacement parts.

Which Truck Parts are Replaced Most Often?

When it comes to regular semi-truck maintenance the tires, clutch and brakes are the parts that are most regularly replaced. The reason for this is very simple: these are the parts of a heavy vehicle such as a semi-truck that take the most strain across a journey. When you think about the forces that need to go through a clutch to get a 30,000ton truck moving, and those that are needed to stop it, it`s easy to see why. As for tires, being the contact between road and the vehicle the rubber is going to wear away over time – just as on a regular car.

Why Road Freight Remains Essential in the USA

Before we finish, here`s a little reminder of why trucks remain the most important method of carrying freight in the USA. It`s largely because they are capable of delivering goods from source to a distribution centre directly. They may not be as fast as an aeroplane or rail freight, but for direct delivery there is no more cost-effective and efficient way of getting goods from A to B. So, check out online truck supplies and see if there are savings to be made.