What to Lookout for When Choosing Your Car Window Tinting

If you`re looking to give your car a unique look, car window tinting can be a super smart choice. But there`s more than just style to window tinting. It can also improve visibility since it also reduces glare, or so states a recent article on the subject. Drivers who prefer tinted windows attest to the fact that the darkened glass reduces fading of interior finishes and surfaces. It also keeps the car much cooler, especially during those hot, sun-baked summer days. 

What to Lookout for When Choosing Your Car Window Tinting 2

Another important advantage to car window tinting is that it provides more security and privacy since it`s virtually impossible to see inside the car. There are even cases where a person`s medical condition requires the use of tinted windows.

Having your windows tinted is easier than you think. All you have to do is Google “car tint near me” and you will find a list of reputable licensed companies who specialize in car window tinting. That said, prior to darkening your car`s glass, you need to research the state laws that revolve around window tinting, plus you need to know the types of tinting available. Only when you are informed of both can you make the right decision for your car.

Window Tint Defined

These days, most new cars are already coated and/or treated with some form of tinting to limit exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. But “aftermarket window tinting” occurs when you apply a brand new, thin layer to the interior of a previously untreated window. The tint will not only darken the vehicle`s windows but it will greatly reduce glare from the bright sun and from oncoming headlamps.

Available in a surprising large variety of shades and materials, you can measure the performance of a particular shade of tint by the amount of light it allows to be transmitted into the car. The darker the tint, the lower percentage of light diffusion. If it`s not style you`re going for, but instead glare reduction, you might be okay with choosing a lighter shade of tint.  

The Laws on Tinting

Simply said, most states have laws and regulations that limit the amount of tint you can have on your car`s glass. Full stop. Regulations concerning tinted windows came about as a driver safety issue so that they can better see other vehicles. The laws were also created so that law enforcement officers can see inside the car as they approach it.

How can you determine the amount of window tint allowed in your home state? You must check with your Department of Motor Vehicles to learn all you need to know prior to hiring a window tinting company. Only then can you make the right window tint film choice. Keep in mind, a reputable window tinting operation will be familiar with the tinting laws.

Varieties of Window Tint

In general, there are five window tint varieties available on the market today. Naturally, there are both pros and cons to each.


Ceramic window tint is said to be a little more expensive than other types. But it affords you maximum visibility while absorbing large levels of light and UV rays. It also will resist interior fading and provide glare prevention. But it is expensive and offers less privacy than other tints.

2.Carbon Tint

Carbon tinting provides you with a black matte finish on your windshield and other glass surfaces. It`s said to be quite durable, and it also protects against damaging UV rays. While it prevents interior fading it can keep your car cool in the summertime. It is, however, more costly than metallic and/or dyed tints.

3.Metallic Window Tint

True to its name, this brand of window tint has a metallic appearance. It also bonds to your windows helping them become more shatterproof. It blocks UV rays and is scratchproof. It will resist interior fading. Plus, it will keep your car cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As for the cons, metallic tint can interfere with radio signals, and your mobile phone signal.  

4.Hybrid Window Tint

It seems that these days, the term “hybrid” is a must have when it comes to cars. But there is a variety of tint that`s a combination dyed and metallic. It`s a popular choice among car owners who want a stylish dark look while preventing UV ray exposure and glare from headlamps and the hot sun. However, you will pay more for the hybrid than you will for a simple dyed tint.

5.Dyed Tint

A dyed film application involves a polyester topcoat and an adhesive film bottom layer with tinted dye inserted in between them. This is your least costly option for tinting your car windows. But it still absorbs solar heat, while providing that much sought after dark appearance. However, unlike more expensive tinting options, it can fade and lose its effectiveness over time.