What to Look for When You Test Drive a Used Car

When assessing a used car you intend to purchase, you need to consider every detail you can in a limited amount of time. Taking a test drive will likely be the most critical part of that evaluation process. While everyone can tell if something disastrous goes wrong during a test drive, it is the subtleties that are easy to miss that you`ll want to know how to detect quickly. A good understanding of what to look for during a test drive can help save significant headaches further down the road. Here are a few of the things you`ll want to watch for when you test drive a used car:

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Inspect the Car Before Driving It

Whether you`ve been searching for used cars for sale in Toronto or a nearby area, you`ll want to ensure that the dealership that has the car you`d like to buy is close enough to your home that you can easily take the time to go on a test drive. However, before you get behind the wheel of that car, your first step should be to perform a visual inspection of the vehicle`s shape.

Start by turning on the vehicle`s ignition and turning on the headlights. Check each headlight, and then check them with the high beams on. Be sure to check that the turn signal lights are functioning as well. Next, walk around the vehicle`s perimeter to check for any problems with each tire, such as deflation or warping.

At this time, you can also look for signs of rust on the body. This quick visual inspection will help you to spot problems before you even drive your potential new car, but it will also ensure the car is safe to drive. 

Personal Taste

Besides looking for potential defects, one of the main reasons people test drive a car is to make sure that they feel comfortable behind the wheel and enjoy operating it. Don`t forget to consider whether you are happy with this model and whether or not it will fit your needs.

Testing for Error

Make sure you test drive your car for at least 10 kilometres and take it on a highway before deciding. This way, you can check how the vehicle handles as you speed up and test the brakes thoroughly. You should also ensure that the steering wheel returns to its centre position when you briefly take your hands off the wheel to test its alignment. 

Keep an Open Mind

Whether you`re trying out a car that you already imagine is the best option for your needs, or you`ve been convinced to try something you don`t expect to enjoy, it`s easy to become biased about the vehicle you`re testing. If you`ve already made up your mind before you get behind the wheel, you`re not going to be doing yourself any favours.

It will be a greater challenge to discover problems with a car you are in love with if you don`t keep an open mind and watch attentively for possible issues. Likewise, you could discover a new model of the vehicle suggested by your used car dealer that is perfect for your needs. You`ll never be able to find out if you`ve already decided you don`t like it.

If you want to try out these tips right away, the best way to do so is to talk with a used car dealer nearby to find out what is available. Call one today!