What to Expect on Your First Driving Lesson

If you`ve booked your first driving lesson at the Ferrari Driving School in Queens, NY, you might have no idea what to expect. Starting your driving lessons can be an intimidating experience. Although your driving instructor will do everything that they can to make you feel comfortable and confident when you`re behind the wheel, there is no harm in doing some research prior to your first lesson.

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By landing on your article, you`re already taking preparatory steps to ensure that you have a successful first driving lesson. Keep reading because we`ve got some important information on what to expect during your first driving lesson.

Before Your Driving Lesson

You`ll need to make sure you have everything you need during your driving lesson. Just before your driving instructor is due to pick you up, gather together your provisional driving license, a water bottle, and your prescription glasses if you wear them.

Depending on the weather, you`ll need to wrap up warm to avoid getting cold during your lesson. If the sun is bright, bring a pair of sunglasses with you. This will protect your eyes and improve your visibility on the road ahead.

Before you`re able to head out onto the roads, your driving instructor will check your provisional license to confirm that you are legally allowed to drive. If you don`t have a valid provisional license, you won`t be allowed to start your driving lessons.

During Your Driving Lesson

The main focus of your first driving lesson is to get you comfortable with sitting behind the wheel. The driving instructor will assess your current abilities and confidence, and they`ll adjust the lesson accordingly to prevent collisions and car accidents.

Generally, your first lesson will involve familiarising yourself with the car and its mechanisms, and introducing you to the basics of driving a vehicle. You should never feel pressured to do something that you`re not confident with in your driving lessons, and your instructor will never push you to do something that is unrealistic.

Don`t expect to learn how to reverse your car around a corner or parallel park on your first driving lesson. You`ll get around to these complicated manoeuvres eventually! You can expect to learn the following on your first driving lesson:

  • What each button in the car does, and where to find the levers or switches for the headlights and windscreen wipers
  • How to check your mirrors before setting off onto the roads from a parked position
  • How to identify where your blind sports are and how to check them before setting off
  • How to find and maintain the biting point on the clutch (if you`re learning to drive a manual car)
  • How to safely stop the car

Your driving instructor will take you to a quiet place where you can safely practice your skills without the added pressure of other vehicles around you. For example, they might drive you to a quiet residential area of an industrial estate, where traffic is minimal.