What to Do After a Truck Accident

During the aftermath of a Truck Accident, it can be challenging to know the proper actions to take. All the steps you take if you have any injuries after a commercial truck collision are critical. You have to remember or present evidence to receive adequate compensation. Survivors of commercial truck accidents might still be in confusion after the event. To prepare truck operators for any instances, we have a few tips you can do after a commercial truck accident. Remember that each step is vital for filing an insurance claim.

Post Truck Accident Procedures

To receive proper compensation from insurance providers, it is crucial for truck accident survivors to know what to do. Their actions during the aftermath will help them get the benefits they will need. 

Since trucks are prevalent in many industries, filing insurance following an accident is complex. It can be different from a typical car accident. You can call a Tulsa truck accident lawyer that will immediately begin the claim process. However, before calling your insurance lawyer, let us show you some Post Truck Accident Procedures.

Call 911

The first step critical for filing an insurance claim is calling the police. On top of that, we still recommend checking yourself for injuries before performing any action. If you are critically injured, you should call 911 or other emergency services. 

When members of a police unit arrive, you should share what you recall that resulted in a commercial truck accident. Police reports might be inadmissible as evidence. Nevertheless, accident reports contain crucial details. 

Get Medical Help 

If you or any of your passengers experience physical injuries or trauma, it is best to contact first responders. However, if you have severe injuries preventing you from moving, make use of anything that can catch the attention of passing vehicles or bystanders. It will be easier for them to learn how to help or contact emergency services.

Check on your Passengers

Many people believe that truck drivers operate solo. This is not the case in some real-life examples, most truck drivers traveling at night always bring a companion to help them stay awake. After a truck accident, any crew member can check the condition of the other truck passengers and call for help. 

Collect Evidence

Imagine it like a crime scene; A truck accident will involve several authorities during the investigation. A truck accident survivor should collect evidence from the area of the accident. You can snap photos of your truck from different angles. We also encourage speaking with all the witnesses present during a truck accident or collision with another vehicle.

Exchange Information

Collecting information like witness accounts, names, and contact information will be helpful. They will be handy in reconstructing the events leading to the truck accident. Aside from that, it will be easier for you or the authorities to contact them if they are needed. 

If you collide with another truck or vehicle, the law requires you to exchange your insurance and contact information. It would help to ask the other driver for their name, insurance information, address, trucking carrier, and truck number.

Ask Witnesses for their Contact Information

A truck collision can happen in any area, whether on a highway, a busy street, or a crowded place. There will sometimes be passing vehicles or bystanders that will see the accident. You should approach any witnesses inside the scene and ask for their contact information. Your lawyer will be able to contact them if you need their official statement and help to provide evidence.

Seek Help from a Truck Accident Lawyer

Getting adequate compensation from a truck accident is different from your typical car accident. There are many factors that authorities might consider leading to the accident. Having a lawyer will help you navigate the entire process while ensuring you receive compensation, medical care, or benefits you might require.


Truck accidents and collisions are different from conventional car collisions. These machines are also expensive and operate under a truck carrier or company. A truck accident survivor should seek immediate medical help and contact emergency services.