What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents? 

Due to the sheer size and weight of trucks, they can cause a lot more damage than other types of vehicles when they`re involved in accidents. Truck accidents can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. But what are the most common causes of truck accidents? Let`s find out.

Contacting an Expert Truck Accident Lawyer 

Before looking at the most common causes of accidents that involve trucks, it`s worth mentioning that if you`re injured in a truck accident and the accident wasn`t your fault, you should contact an expert lawyer who knows how to deal with truck accidents lawsuits.

An attorney can help you to gain compensation to cover the costs of things like your medical bills and your lost earnings as a result of your injuries.

Now let`s explore some of the main reasons why truck accidents occur in the first place.

Poor Driver Training

The majority of truck drivers work for companies. When those companies don`t provide their drivers with adequate training, the drivers are more likely to not know how to handle their trucks correctly or take wrong actions while driving on roads that result in accidents.

Ill-trained truck drivers may not even know that they lack the skills required to drive trucks safely, as ultimately, it`s the responsibility of the company and the trainers, not the truck drivers.

While all companies should ensure their drivers are properly trained, sadly, poor driver training accounts for a lot of truck accidents each year.

Unrealistic Time Constraints

Some trucking companies pressurize their drivers to move their cargo quickly so that the companies can maximize their profits. But when drivers are given unrealistic time restraints for meeting deadlines, it means they`re more likely to speed and take other risks on the road.

In turn, that increases the chance of accidents happening. While the driver will ultimately be responsible for something like speeding, the company could also bear significant liability.


Due to the pressure that drivers are under to meet deadlines, and the fact that they often work long hours, fatigue is very common among truck drivers. But when drivers are overly tired, it means they don`t pay as much attention to the road and their driving behavior.

Of course, that then increases the chances of an accident occurring. Sometimes, truck drivers even fall asleep at the wheel, putting themselves and others in danger. 

Distracted Driving

Many drivers drive while distracted, and truck drivers are no different. Even though drivers are told time and time again that distracted driving, which can involve things like using cell phones, eating, and changing the station on the radio, puts drivers and others at risk, many drivers continue to do things that distract them when they`re behind the wheel of a car.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Poor vehicle maintenance is also responsible for many truck accidents. When drivers don`t inspect their trucks regularly, they could miss things like worn tires, which could then cause blowouts and even result in deadly consequences.

Even if inspecting trucks is the responsibility of the company, truck drivers should always perform checks and vehicle maintenance on a regular basis.

Poor Loading

Loading cargo poorly is another thing that commonly causes truck accidents. If cargo in a truck isn`t loaded properly and doors aren`t closed correctly, the cargo could potentially fall into the road, especially at high speeds.

Poor cargo loading could even cause the truck to flip when traveling at high speeds. Even if the loading of the cargo isn`t the truck driver`s responsibility, truck drivers should always double-check their cargo before driving to reduce the risk of road accidents occurring.