Every Gamer’s Dream World – Firefall Mobile VIDEO GAME Truck!

It is not a van, it is a mobile gaming unit (MGU), a video game truck, which means that it represents one big box with 20 gaming stations inside, sponsored by AMD and it is every gamer`s dream world and battle ground, very soon (after this video was shot) to become a mobile station for organizing gaming tournaments. Isn`t that cool?

So this is what happens when Premier Custom Fabrication Shop decides to pair up for the challenge with the Premier Custom Auto Shop – a 48 foot big bus that is transformed into a self containing and interactive video game truck. They have become full partners with West Coast Customs, and together they have turned this bus into real life replica of the Firefall battleship, which was shown for the first time at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

The way this thing got from the world of ideas into the reality is when first of all, a 3D animation was made of how will the bus look like for real, than every door, nook and cranny were poured up in order to fit with every other component. Than the entire bus was wrapped up in a regular fiberglass shell, painted, LED lights were installed and of course, the Firefall signs were illuminated. And pretty soon, things got their final form and shape.

Here we have prepared three videos in which you will find out about everything you want to know about the MGU.

However, what is your favorite video game?