Those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing the new BMW i8 hybrid sports car, already knows that it is one hell of an awesome car that catches your breath from the very first moment you lay your eyes on it. But here is one more proof that this great looking and powerful hybrid can also drift!

Most of us, the classic Gearheads, are looking at the new hybrid cars with a certain dose of skepticism, even though it has been proven by now that these electronic and Eco friendly vehicles can also be very fast, and, as we will see with the BMW i8, fairly cool for drifting too.

The new BMW i8 has a drive system which is utilizing the new BMW`s 3-cylinder petrol engine mated to the Twin Power Turbo technology. The 1.5 liter motor is generating 231 HP and 320 pound feet of torque to its rear wheels through the 6-speed automatic gearbox. There is an additional 131 HP and 250 of torque power by the electric engine, coming from the lithium-ion high-voltage battery, which is sent to the front wheels via automatic transmission that operates in two stages.

All of this makes this awesome looking BMW pretty powerful and ready to rock and roll! Just take a look at the following video and you will see just how cool it looks when someone is drift-driving it! And if you want to see more drifting by the BMW i8, go to this link.