Gyro X – The Car That Drives On Just Two Wheels!

Over the years the car industry had given us the chance to take a look at some of the most incredible prototypes and supercars. People often think that they have seen anything possible when it comes to cars and prototypes but they are so wrong. There is always something crazy that will appear sooner or later, thus today we take a look at yet another such car, the Gyro X – a car that drives on two wheels.

gyro x two wheeled car 1

Yes, you have read it right, this is probably the only vehicle that drives on two wheel and it is not a motorbike. The Gyro X would not have been anything spectacular and crazy had it been classified as a motorbike and this is why it is so special. However, though it might sound like a recent idea, this car dates all the way back to 1967. As its name implies, the thing that makes everything possible is a huge gyroscope mounted in the front of the car.

Since Alex Tremulis, the designer of the car, was not really a gyroscope type of guy he paired up with Tom Summers, a specialist in the gyroscope business to design this marvelous piece of history. They had a budget of over $750,000, which is equivalent to around $6 million in today`s money, and began working on the design. Not long time after the first Gyro X was produced and what was supposed to be a real breakthrough in the car industry at the start, it finished even before it had truly taken on. The company was closed due to bankrupt and the dream of having such a car was shattered.

The footage below perfectly portrays how advanced and at the same time complicated this car really is. It is a one-seater and at first glance it looks like a rocket which is laid on the ground. As you can see the front of the car is massive since this is where the massive 55cm gyroscope is and even though we did not get the chance to take a look under its hood, we believe it looks gorgeous. But it not just the gyroscope that is awesome about this car.

Namely, the sound of the engine roaring and its huge exhaust pipe at the back are some of the best features about the car. On the inside, the Gyro X looks fairly simple but what can you expect from a car that is over 50 years old. Its owner takes the car for a ride and as you can see it rides only on its two wheels. It really looks magical and something which definitely defies the laws of physics.

The Gyro X was one of the main attractions at this year`s Concorso d`Eleganza Villa d`Este event, a place located in Italy where some of the most attractive and weird cars can be seen. One thing is for sure, this car is definitely part of this group. This car is a must have if you are a passionate car collector!

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