Two Trucks Blocked Badly Parked Car!

Let’s be honest… We have all wanted to block someones badly parked car on a parking lot. Still have no idea how can someone park a car on two or sometimes on 3 or 4 parking spaces and It seems to me there are more and more people that are doing this. They obviously don’t think what will happen if someone else can not park their car only because they are badly parked.

Two Trucks Blocked Badly Parked Car 4

So, now you will have a chance to see how these two trucks blocked badly parked car on a parking lot. However, it can be easy notice this video is pretty staged, but it is good to spread the awareness to everyone who plans to park the car like this in the future. Maybe this is not the best way to teach someone about this wrong moves but sometimes there is no other way. Anyway we all wanted to do this at least once in our lifetime.

Now please check out the video below as these guys bring in their huge trucks and tried to block in this girl’s BMW. Anyway you will also see how she used one of her car’s features and tried to get out of this hard situation.

Trucks block BMW, lady gets stuck!

We've all wanted to do this! Hilarious video! Sam Jones

Posted by The Best Car Memes on Thursday, August 31, 2017