Expert Level! Truck Unloading Over 3 Tons Of Bamboo In 2 Minutes!

To make our jobs easier we are constantly trying to improve our work efficiency and begin to improvise. Truck unloading is definitely no exception. This Taiwanese truck driver found the greatest and most efficient way possible on how to unload a huge cargo from his trailer in a very short amount of time. This takes immense skills but also very high intelligence, because to come up with something like this you got to have brains. What he does is unloading up to 3 tons of bamboo sticks in just under two minutes. Just ask yourselves what you can do in two minutes and you`ll realize that unloading all of that cargo is some pretty high level stuff.

To be more precise, it`s not that hard of a track. However, to think of something so simple yet so efficient you got to be very smart. What this Taiwanese truck driver does is driving forth and back a couple of times and the entire cargo just slowly slides back from the trailer until it over-weighs the truck. This results in the truck being lifted a bit. The end is very satisfying to watch as the truck driver drives forward a bit which results leaving the entire cargo on the ground. We are more than sure his boss gave him a big fat raise for this awesome truck unloading trick.

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