Transforming Vehicle Or A Fancy Way To Put A Boat In A Truck?

If you think you`ve seen everything, boy do I have a surprise for you. Some guys were at the boat ramp and they saw something that looked like a… Truck-boat? SUV-yacht? Some kind of transforming vehicle going in the water, with both wheels and a boat motor? Well, soon enough it became evident what it was, as soon as the guy that was loading his boat went away, the driver of this mysterious vehicle decided to give us a look at what exactly it was. It`s really a unique vehicle and I doubt these are manufactured en masse somewhere.

So apparently, this isn`t a transforming vehicle boat-truck at all. It`s just a truck with a long ramp in the back and a really wide wheelbase. He has a boat on it that integrates perfectly into the shape of the truck, which makes this vehicle look like some sort of boat-truck hybrid. However, it`s just as masterful to create this as it is to build an actual transforming vehicle. I wonder how much it cost the guy to get this done, it couldn`t have been cheap in any way. Either way, it`s impressive and I`m glad we could take a look at it today.

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