Top Tips to Help You Care for Your Motor Vehicle During the COVID-19 Crisis

The global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has forced the world`s governments to shut down the economy to prevent the virus`s rampant spread. Current infection numbers show that, as at today, 22 May 2020, 5.2 million infections have been recorded with 334 819 deaths across the globe. Thus, here are several tips to help you care for your car while it stands at home for weeks and months at a time:

Top Tips to Help You Care for Your Motor Vehicle During the COVID-19 Crisis 1

Ensure that the vehicle`s windshield is kept in optimal condition

The car`s windshield forms an integral part of its structure and plays a fundamental role in keeping occupants of the passenger cabin protected from the outside elements while traveling in the car. And, the windshield helps keep the passengers safe by playing a role in preventing the passenger area from collapsing onto the vehicle`s occupants.

However, if the windshield has any cracks or chips in it, it`s protective function will be compromised. Thus, it is essential to get your vehicle to a trusted and reputablewindshield repair company as soon as possible after the windshield was hit by and object that chipped or cracked it. When selecting an auto glass shop, choose a reputable shop, which stands behind their workmanship and not just their products. Some auto glass companies just offer a lifetime warranty on parts and not on their workmanship. While the most reputable shops stand behind their workmanship and offer lifetime warranties on both. This is the case with Hamilton Auto Glass and other such reputable windshield repair shops.

Make sure your car is parked under cover

It is not a good idea to leave your vehicle parked outside on the street or in your yard for long periods of time. The harsh elements will damage the car`s exterior, as well as put extra stress on the windshield because it will expand and contract as the external temperature rises and falls.

The sun`s hot rays will heat the car, and then as the external temperature cools down in the evening, the car`s windshield and other body parts will contract. This will result in weaknesses developing in the auto glass even if it is in pristine condition. And, any existing chips or small cracks will start running and develop into long tendrils that run across the glass from side to side.

Keep your car clean at all times

Leaving trash, especially food containers lying in your car for any length of time, will attract common pests like ants, flies, as well as rats and mice. These pests will then eat through the car`s protective rubbers, especially the rubber seals that secure the vehicle`s doors and windows.

The windows, including the windshield will fall out if the rubber seals are eaten away. Not only will this scenario result in the need for costly repairs, but your vehicle will no longer be roadworthy. And, you will need to get the car fixed before you can drive it on the road again.

Prevent the car`s battery from any damage

It is important to remove your vehicle`s battery if you are not going to drive it for a long time. Otherwise, the battery connectors will more than likely corrode from leaking battery acid and rust. The battery will also run flat. So, you will have to replace your vehicle`s battery before being able to start your vehicle when you need to use it again.