Top 10 Best Places To Go Off-Roading in Texas with Dave Sears

If you`ve never been off-roading, you don`t know what you`re missing. From falling in love with driving to reconnecting with nature, off-roading is a rewarding pastime that can be enjoyed either alone or with your loved ones. Dave Sears, the sole owner of Alamo Cycle Plex, is an avid motorcycle rider who knows everything about the industry. As a Texas native, he is here to share the top 10 best places to go off-roading in the southern state of Texas. With hundreds of parks and trails to choose from, he has compiled a list that both beginners and more experienced off-roaders can enjoy.

Top 10 Best Places To Go Off-Roading in Texas with Dave Sears 1

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park boasts the entire Chisos mountain range and a large swath of the Chihuahuan Desert. With spectacular views and incredible terrain, Dave Sears suggests visiting Old Ore OHV Road to take in the scenic views.

Used in the early 1900s to transport ore from Mexican mines to the railroad station, the Old Ore Road follows the route used by mules and pack trains over a century ago. Dave Sears explains that the trail today is primarily used for horses and ohv/off-road driving. Another benefit? It is accessible all year round, is roughly 42.6 km long, and fees are only $30 per vehicle to enter.

The Emma Long Motocross loop

Looking for an intermediate trail? The Emma Long Motocross loop, located in Emma Long Metropolitan Park, is a loop trail roughly 7.1 kilometers long located near Austin, Texas.

Featuring a river, a terrain that is mostly dry and rocky with a few natural springs, Dave Sears explains that this is a technical trail that may not be good for beginners. Featuring advanced terrain that if full of ledges, this trail is meant to challenge your technical climbing and descending skills.

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area

This next park was created specifically with off-roading in mind: Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area. Covering 1850 acres of trails, this trail is for dirt bikers and Jeep drivers.

Located only hundred and twenty miles outside of Dallas, this trial has some of the most scenic off-road Jeep trails in Texas. It is organizes by Texas Motorized Trails Coalition, this trail features facilities for showers, camping grounds, cabin for rent and bunkhouse.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Hidden Falls Adventure Park tops multiple lists for off road trails, and it is obvious why. Dave Sears claims that Hidden Falls offers the best trails in Hill Country, boasting over 200 miles of ATV, motorbike, and 4×4 trails. Offering multiple trails for ATVs, dirt bikes, razors, and 4x4s, Dave Sears explains that the $25 day fee is well worth it.

Katemcy Rocks

Looking for a real challenge? Katemcy Rocks offers granite rock on 800 acres. Katemcy Rocks have diverse terrain for all levels of four wheelers, from stock vehicles to extreme rock crawlers. This trail offers numerous obstacles that range from easy to extreme and is located in Mason, Texas.

Trees Ranch Offroad Park

Trees Ranch Offroad Park is located in Leaky, Texas, and it offers some of the most scenic—but challenging—trails in the south. This 5,500 acre off-road paradise is the ideal venue for the outdoor enthusiast.

Their off-road community continually works to build a premier off-road experience for visitors (the park was built by a dedicated group of enthusiasts looking for off road trails to challenge themselves and their rigs), creating everything from extreme buggy obstacles to mild creek bed trails.

Matagorda Beach

As one of the best off-road beach trails, Matagorda Beach has 23 miles of accessible trails and great views, including abandoned ruins and a seafront. According to Dave Sears, this off-road trail is popular with all types of outdoor enthusiasts from paddleboarders to shell collectors and 4×4 off-road fans. He explains that it is a great place to bring the whole family.

General Sam`s ATV and Off-Road Park.

If you`re looking to get a little bit muddy, look no further than General Sam`s ATV and Off-Road Park. Dave Sears explains that 706 acres of pine forests, creeks, sandpits, and mud holes is located just nine miles north of historic Huntsville. With amenities like cabins, clean public bathrooms and showers, wash pits, and a well-stocked general store, this off-road park is a great place to visit with family and friends.

Covering hundreds of acres, Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach has something for everyone. Boasting wooded trails, steep hills, mud, lakes, BBQ spots, and beach areas, you can spend a few nights at this spot and take advantage of swimming and fishing as well. Dave Sears points out that they do not have amenities, so it is a great spot for anyone looking to really `rough it`.

Wolf Caves

Lastly, Dave Sears argues that this list couldn`t be complete without Wolf Caves. Wolf Caves is a privately-owned ranch with 430 acres of unique granite outcropping.

Located 8 miles west of the town of Mason, World Caves has many trials and obstacles that will challenge even the heavily modified rock crawler. However, they have trails for every level of driver. It is important to note that ATV`s, UTV`s and motorcycles are not allowed on the property.