Tips to Help Your Car Accident Lawyer Obtain the Best Possible Settlement

USA experiences over 6 million passenger car accidents every year.

They do not only cause physical or financial damage but can be emotionally traumatic as well. Treatment can be quite expensive sometimes, and you must not hesitate to claim personal injury. A qualified car lawyer can help you with the finances by extracting an adequate settlement amount. However, your assistance will enable your lawyer to fight till the end. Read to the end not to miss any important tips to help your car accident lawyer obtain the best possible settlement.

Get Immediate Treatment

One mistake people often make after an accident is delaying treatment until they receive the settlement amount. It might emphasize your need for money but can be immensely dangerous for your health. Consult a physician immediately, even if you do not feel pain or apparent wound. They can rule out the possibility of any internal injury and provide you with a doctor’s statement to strengthen your case. Make sure to record all doctor appointments and treatments, including the reports and the bills.

Collect Evidence

While you must get immediate treatment, do not forget to take details of the offender and witnesses. You can find the cars and people through camera footage later as well. Remember to take photos of your car’s damage and keep physician’s bills safe. A well-versed car accident lawyer will always suggest and help you investigate the matter on your own to get the best insight into it. It will enable you to find out the possible compensation you might receive depending the circumstances and witnesses. 

Give All Details

When you expect an attorney to extract as much money from the offender, you must work together to make it possible. Give them all the details to help them prove your injury and what happened at the site. Your and the offender’s car registration, location of the accident, and the witnesses’ contact numbers are of utmost importance. Also, do not forget to mention if you received any injury after the accident to avoid any issues. You must also provide:

  • Location, date, and time of the accident
  • Explanation of the incident
  • Registration details of your car and the offender’s (car model, make, year, license plate number, and owner’s name)
  • Names and contact details of witnesses
  • Damage to your car
  • Physical injury and treatment details

Do Not Accept the First Offer

Settlement cases are a bargaining game, but you can help your car accident lawyer obtain the best possible settlement by not accepting the first offer. If your attorney suggests waiting for a better offer, trust them and decline an unjustifiably low amount. It is better to have a particular number in mind and try to get that much money or more.

Stay in Touch

You may often hire a lawyer and forget about your role in the situation, which is not the best way. Your attorney must deal with multiple clients at once, and staying in touch with them will keep you on priority. Your interest in the case highly impacts the lawyer’s attitude towards it.

Document the Settlement

Some car accident offenders insist on an out-of-court settlement to avoid extra fees and the hassle of legal work. If they are ready to pay without an official complaint, make sure to document the settlement amount to avoid any problems in the future.

The Bottom Line

Getting an appropriate settlement amount after a car accident is often a struggle. An experienced criminal defense attorney will ensure you get good compensation. Yet, you will need to help your car accident lawyer obtain the best possible settlement by collecting evidence on the spot and providing them with all critical information. Also, do not agree to the first offer and trust your attorney. Remember to document the settlement to eliminate any potential future problems.