Tips for Avoiding a Costly Car Accident

Driving a car comes with a lot of responsibility, yet there are 228.7 million licensed drivers in the US. An accident can happen in an instant and often leads to expensive repairs, injuries, and other costs. While not every costly car accident can be avoided, there are many things drivers can do to help prevent getting into a costly car crash.

Car Accidents Caused by Negligence 2

Follow Traffic Laws

One of the best things drivers can do is follow all traffic laws and drive defensively. This includes obeying the speed limit, coming to complete stops at stop signs and red lights, using turn signals, and avoiding aggressive maneuvers like tailgating or weaving through traffic. Defensive and attentive driving can help you spot dangerous situations early and react appropriately. Getting a ticket or citation can also lead to increased insurance costs down the road. For example, a minor speeding citation will add around $217 to your insurance, but if you are caught doing 21mph over the speed limit, it will cost you an additional $500 on your insurance.

Minimize Distractions

Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents, with 3,000 deaths each year linked to distracted driving. Activities like texting, talking on the phone, adjusting music, eating, or interacting with passengers can take your eyes and attention away from the road. If possible, avoid any activity that distracts you when driving. If you need to do something, pull over safely first. Also, be aware of factors outside your car that can distract you, like billboards, accidents on the side of the road, or unusual events.

Check Car Safety Features

Dallas car wreck lawyers advise ensuring your car is properly maintained and all safety features are working correctly. Check tires routinely for air pressure and tread wear. Make sure headlights, brake lights, and turn signals are all functioning. Repair any issues with suspension, brakes, or steering right away. Additionally, always wear your seat belt and require passengers to do the same. Seat belts dramatically reduce injury in a crash.

Don’t Drive Impaired

Driving while impaired by alcohol, drugs (including prescription medications), drowsiness, or illness greatly increases accident risk. Every day, 37 people die because of drunk drivers. If you’ve had anything to drink, use a ride-share service or taxi. Prescription labels warn if medication can impair driving. Make sure you’re alert before getting behind the wheel and pull over if you feel drowsy. The costs of a DUI or impaired driving accident can be enormous.

Practice Defensive Driving

Driving defensively means being aware of what other drivers around you are doing at all times. Look ahead on the road to spot potential hazards early, like a car suddenly braking. Give yourself space between vehicles and avoid driving in blind spots. Be extra cautious in bad weather, construction zones, and high traffic areas. Assume other drivers will make mistakes and be prepared to react safely. If the worst does happen, speak with a personal injury attorney to find out if you`re entitled to compensation.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving behaviors like speeding, tailgating, weaving through traffic, running red lights, and other hostile maneuvers greatly increase risk. If someone is driving aggressively around you, do not engage or retaliate. Let them pass, avoid eye contact, and safely create distance. Impatience and rage behind the wheel often leads to accidents.

Staying alert, driving sober and distraction-free, and following traffic laws go a long way in preventing pricey accidents. But being prepared with proper insurance in case an accident does happen can help minimize financial impacts. Drive safely out there!