This Single Turbo Tahoe Burnouts & 9-Second Passes Are Unreal!

Whenever we come across a video in which people show off their amazing modified cars, we all love to take a look at every peculiar detail about it and see the car in action. Hereby, if you are willing to see how true power really looks like, then you must take a look at this turbo Tahoe, a truck that is extremely powerful and it seems that nothing can stand on its way. Yes, these trucks can get extremely powerful and all thanks to the homemade turbo kit and the KB racing manifold. That was just the beginning!

This Single Turbo Tahoe Burnouts 9-Second Passes Are Unreal 2

This turbo Tahoe has so much more to offer, such as the SBE I33 5.3L engine and Ported 862 heads. Once we take a close look at some of its amazing features, it is time to see this beauty in action. Namely, these guys place the Tahoe on a dyno to test what its true power really is. To everyone`s surprise, the truck managed to create whooping 857 HP and 831lb/ft of torque.

To top everything off, we even see this monster in action. It revs its engine and drifts its tires unlike any other such truck. Then it is time for a drag race, which is going to be another proof that the turbo Tahoe is the best such truck that we have ever seen. It goes head to head versus a mighty Camaro and still managed to grab the win.

What do you think about it, is it the most powerful Tahoe that you have ever seen?