FASTEST CADILLAC CTS V Covers 1/4 Mile In 8.96 Seconds!

This is a big day as we finally see the FASTEST one among all! The fastest Cadillac CTS V which entered the 8 seconds club with style! This car really stunned all Gearheads around the world as it showed them what it can do! We know that the Caddy CTS-V is powerful and fast anyway, but with some mods and higher performance it can enter the book of records!

This one is a real street car with 4560 lb FULL INTERIOR and only one goal – to be the fastest! So check out how it went!

While it was all set, the crowd is nervous and eager to see the big beast breaking records! We do not know if all of them believed in it but it sure turned out they should! After having a precise look at the engine that will later bring it to victory it was all set and ready to go! Ignition on, little burnout and off we go!

While all eyes are on the rear end of the fastest CADILLAC CTS V, they slowly move to the screen where the numbers should come out! And they did – 8.96 @162mph!

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