This is How New Mazda Revolutionary Skyactiv-X Engine Works!

There are many awesome things we have seen lately such as educational videos that show us the basic principles of how certain parts of a car work. Among many of the parts found in a car, the engine is the most complex one when it comes to the functionality of the car. There are lots of factors that might cause an engine to work badly. But new ones are trying to get rid of these problems and hereby we take a look at this amazing brand new Mazda Skyactiv-X Engine. This awesome video demonstrates us the basic principle of how the engine functions and what is so revolutionary about it.

This is How Mazdas New Revolutionary Skyactiv-X Engine Works 2

The Skyaktiv-X, which is the name of this Mazda engine, was regarded as the revolutionary next generation gasoline engine. The difference between the gasoline engine spark ignition and the diesel engine compression ignition is shown in a beautiful animation. The Skyaktiv-X ignites the fuel and air mixture with a spark plug and the combustion flame spreads from the spark and burns gradually, whereas the diesel one sprays the fuel into the compressed and heated air directly thus causing the mixture to burn rapidly and simultaneously at multi points.

This new Mazda engine combines both of these processes in a method called the SPCCI that stands for spark controlled compression ignition. We can see the immense difference between all three types of combustion engines.

What do you think, could this Skyactiv-X Engine represent the future of gasoline engines?