What To Think About When Renting A Luxury Car

Whether you are preparing for the prom or the proposal of your lifetime, you without a doubt have a lot of planning ahead of you. Maybe you want the occasion to be extra special and you are thinking about splurging on a luxury vehicle for the night or the entire weekend. Well, you wouldn`t be alone as many people partake in this type of practice. With that being said, the whole process isn`t just as simple as going to a rental car location and renting a car. There are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind when renting, and that is exactly what you are going to learn about below.

What To Think About When Renting A Luxury Car 1

Do You Want To Responsibility Of Driving?

When renting, there is nothing that will get the adrenaline pumping more than sitting behind the wheel of a high-powered luxury car. Just sitting there revving the throttle with your date in the passenger seat will surely score you some extra points. However, you might be surprised to learn that you don`t have to take on the responsibility of driving. Of course, for most people driving the vehicle is half the reason they rent the car, but you should know that some luxury rental cars could come equipped with chauffeurs.

Opting For Longer Rental Periods

Whether you are looking for office locations for Apex Luxury Car Hire or you are considering another company, you should know that renting a luxury car is by no means cheap. While it might be cheaper than owning a vehicle, it can still be expensive. With that being said, if you are looking for savings you should consider renting the car for a longer time period. It is much more cost effective to rent luxury cars for a longer period of time than a shorter period of time. Not only does this help you save money, but also you get to enjoy the vehicle for a longer time period.

Familiarize Yourself With The Vehicle

Luxury cars are without a doubt beautiful and sparkly on the outside, but when you get on the inside you might discover that the vehicle is more complex than expected. When renting, you will probably see all kinds of buttons and controls that you aren`t at all familiar with. In order to prevent accidents and achieve a more enjoyable experience you need to familiarize yourself with these controls. Make sure you know how to start the vehicle, work the wipers, open the trunk, lock the doors, open the gas lid, and work the radio.

Always Analyze The Route That You Are Taking

Some luxury cars are so perfectly and beautifully designed that they are almost too pretty to drive. This is one of the reasons that the rental company takes money from your deposit when the car comes back with damage. In case you didn`t know, luxury cars sit lower to the ground, which makes the more vulnerable to bumpy and bad roads. Make sure that you are always examining route and taking the safest roads to your location in order to prevent damage.

Choosing A Rental Company

It is only natural to be weary of the companies that rent vehicles to consumers. Just like any other company, rental car companies operate in a unique manner, offering their own unique benefits. However, you may be surprised to discover that there are only three major rental car companies, Enterprise, Avis and Hertz. While there are smaller companies, they are owned by the three major companies. Enterprise owns Alamo and National, Avis owns Payless (now Zipcar) and Budget and Hertz owns Thrifty and Dollar.

It appears that Enterprise, Avis and Hertz monopolize the rental car market. So, when you rent a luxury vehicle, you will be limited to only those companies. Luckily, the three major brands offer an array of vehicles for rent, ranging in low-, medium- and high-tiers especially when you are renting a car at Fort Lauderdale.

Avoid Renting At The Airport

Many travelers do not like to plan ahead. In fact, they will wait to rent a car at the airport. This access is extremely convenient, but there are downsides to renting a car at the terminal. One of those disadvantages involved tacked-on-fees. These fees may seem minor, but they will drive up the overall expense. Another downside to renting a car at the airport is longer waits.

When renting, do your research before you make your final decision. Remember, that most car rental companies will transport your vehicle to the airport, where it will be waiting on your arrival.