I think that you know well that there are many great supercars out there, and that there are some absolutely stunning cars that are so great, in certain moments they even appear to be totally unreal. And today, in this ELYSIUM GTR video, you are going to see two such examples of totally out-of-this-world and absolutely jaw-dropping supercars, both coming from Canada!

It is a video clip that is made of the visit of the SR Auto Group in Vancouver, British Columbia, they guys who most definitely got the game and know how to build an extremely appealing wide body supercar. Inside their store, they have a few wide body cars on which they are still working on, like the Lamborghini Aventador and others, but the main focus of this video is that unreal Liberty Walk Nissan Elysium GTR from the same called movie, that Matt Damon was in (it is the only one in the world), along with another jaw-dropping Ferrari 458 Spider Widebody.

So, this time, the main thing about these supercars is their looks, not what is under the hood, so we are not going to even mention anything about it, but will leave you to watch the video clip and get completely mesmerized by those awesome cars. Check it out and enjoy it.

If you want to find out more about the SR Auto Group, click here.