The World’s Smallest V8 (3 CU.IN) vs Biggest V8 Engine (1001 CU.IN.)! Which One Do You Like More?

The Worlds Biggest V8 Engine with 1001 CU.IN. (Believe it or not: More than 16.000CC) is made by Sonny Leonard`s company. This engine was especially made for car racing and enthusiast market. The first project engines pulled 2,118HP at 7,700 rpm on the dyno test run. As you may know it`s now racing in Australia and it was featured in the media! Today, there is a street version that runs on E85 fuel, with over 1,360HP and 1,314 lb-ft of torque and maximum of 5.500 rpm!

The size of the biggest V8 engine is not the only thing that is impressive! This thing packs some serious power! Imagine putting this in a muscle car! We are certain that whatever car this monstrosity is in, it will fly away from the ground! For the time being, we have a video of the biggest V8 engine showing its potential, and it is just as good! Watch and enjoy! And of course, feel free to like, share and comment!

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