The Most Important RV Essentials That Every Owner Needs to Have Today

More than 11 million households in the United States own RVs. Why do these households choose to purchase and maintain such a large vehicle? RVs give families the freedom to travel whenever they want and wherever they want without the need for plane tickets and checked bags. Once you finally decide owning an RV is the right choice for you, it’s time to consider some RV essentials. There are several items every owner of a recreational vehicle should have. In the guide below, we’ll discuss some of those top items. 

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Surge Protector

A surge protector and EMS are essential items for RV owners to have. The EMS will protect your RV from both over and under-voltage. The power will automatically shut off to save the electrical system. 

This can prevent you from spending lots of money in the future to replace an entire electrical system, so it’s worth investing in. Be sure to purchase the right type of surge protector for your RV. For example, if your RV requires 50 amp, then you need a surge protector for 50 amp. 

RV Solar Kit

Owning an RV solar kit is beneficial because it allows you to break the chains that tie you down to camping in certain locations. If exploring off-grid locations is more your style, then you need one of these solar kits. Going solar is quieter than using a generator and is a renewable power source. 

You won’t have to travel to different RV camps in order to charge up. Plus, you’ll also have backup power when needed for emergencies. 

Drinking Hose

You want to have a drinking hose connected to your freshwater tank, so you have access to clean drinking water at all times. You should also connect another hose used to flush out the tanks. To help keep these hoses organized, you can use a green hose for the freshwater and different colored hoses for various purposes. 

Sewer Hose

Don’t forget to include a sewer hose as well. When you choose one specific color for the sewer hose, you’ll never get them confused. It’s also important to store the houses in separate containers. 

The sewer hose you purchase should be between 15 and 20 ft to ensure you have enough hose to reach the connection. A box of disposable gloves always comes in handy when handling this part of RV ownership. 

Air Compressor

You’ll be glad you picked up an air compressor before heading out on your first RV trip. If you experience a flat tire, then you’ll need a quick way to temporarily repair it until you’re able to safely reach a repair shop or are able to change the tire. 

You might even find other great things to use the air compressor for, such as filling up bicycle tires!

What RV Essentials Are on Your List?

If you don’t already have each of these items on your list of RV essentials, then it’s time to make a few investments. Keep each of these items with you in your RV for the best experience possible, and remember, this list isn’t exhaustive. 

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