The Most Common Reasons For Car Accidents Might Surprise You

Life is so unpredictable that we don`t even know whether we`ll exist next moment or not. In recent years, car accidents have become a major reason behind the increased death rate. Studies have shown that most car accidents result due to human error. But other factors like bad road conditions, rain, wind storms, fog, and vehicle defects are also involved. 
Given below are some of these major reasons explained:

Common Reasons For Car Accidents Related To Drivers` Error

Drivers need to be educated behind the wheel whether they are experienced or teenage drivers. They should know and follow all the driving instructions and do not violate traffic rules as well. These are the only ways we can avoid accidents related to driver’s error.

  • Distracted driving 

Almost half of the accidents that result from driver’s error are due to distracted driving. It is the habit of some people to attend to phone calls and answer text messages even if these are not so urgent. Or they start having food along with driving.

Being distracted in this way can divert the attention of the driver from the road and result in mishaps. So, you should pay full attention to the road and do not indulge in any type of side activity. It is also recommended to not play loud music in the car as you may not hear the horn from other cars.

  • Speeding 

Another major reason behind road accidents is overspeeding. People cross the speed limit on the highways and sometimes even on busy roads. Speeding can not make you arrive at your destination if you meet an accident in between your journey.

It is advised not to cross the speed limit even if you are in a hurry. Just think of your family, your loved ones, and the dreams that you have to live for. If you are driving along with your family in the car, you are risking their lives too.

  • Violation of traffic rules 

It’s being said that rules are made to be broken. But breaking traffic rules can cost many precious lives. We all are aware of basic traffic regulations but don’t pay attention to them. 

Many people hit someone on the road by breaking the signal but ran away out of fear of police. It’s a very unethical act. If you know someone who had an accident due to such circumstances, recommend them to consult an experienced car accident lawyer who will help them get the compensation. Not stopping the red signal or running the stop signs is a common practice that should be minimized by educating the people in this regard.

  • Drunk driving 

Don’t ever go on a drive if you are drunk. Avoid alcohol and other such beverages at least 2 to 3 hours before getting into the car to drive. 

Drinking such brews causes your attention to divert from the road. Also, muscle control is lost by consuming alcoholic drinks. If going to a party where you can have a drink, take your driver with you. Or give the driving seat to a sober friend if you are already drunk.

  • Teenage drivers 

Commonly teenagers are seen devoid of patience on the road. Most of them are overspeeding with their friends in a nearby vehicle. Every year many youngsters lose their lives due to aggressive driving. This is because they don’t have sufficient experience and don’t know what to do in particular situations.

They should be taught and trained well about driving rules behind the wheels. If you have any teenagers in your family, forbid them to use mobile phones while driving. Permit only a few passengers to travel with them especially if they are in the initial driving course.

  • Driving under the influence of medicines 

We all know alcohol consumption before or during the drive is dangerous. But most of us are unaware of the fact that certain drugs also alter the concentration level and motor abilities of the person. 

Drugs like nicotine, marijuana, and others, if taken before driving may reduce alertness and result in terrible accidents. Before taking any drug, give a read to its leaflet to see if it can alter your response time or alertness.

  • Tailgating 

Always maintain a safe distance between your and the next car. Sometimes people become impatient and take the car so close to the following car that there is no margin of reversing back if that car moves backward or takes a turn. 

To prevent such incidents you should maintain a certain distance from the following car. Do not drive closer to it even if that car is going frustratingly slow. Because waiting for some moments is way better than being dead due to impatience.

Common Reasons For Car Accidents Other Than Human Error

It’s not always the case that an accident is caused by a human mistake. It can also result from some other unavoidable factors like bad weather situations, flat or torn-out tires or potholes, etc. 

  • Bad road conditions

Poor road conditions often result in severe accidents. Potholes are the most unwanted and inevitable obstacles on the road. Try to avoid the road full of potholes when it’s possible. Driving near construction sites can also be dangerous and result in accidents. 

  • Weather conditions

Uncertain weather conditions like rain or ice on the road make it slippery and cause several accidents. Foggy weather in winter is also not suitable for driving as it makes it difficult to see anything from a particular distance. Try to avoid driving in such weather unless it’s too urgent or an emergency.

  • Vehicle malfunctioning

Vehicle defects like flat or torn-out tires, an issue with the engine or brakes become a cause of serious accidents. To prevent such a situation, always check your car before going on a long journey. Once in a month or so go for car maintenance as well.

Road accidents are undesirable events that happen to the people who drive or walk on the road. Its major reason is lack of awareness about traffic rules and regulation and drivers` negligence. We should take necessary steps together to educate people in this regard and save several precious lives from severe tragedies.